Meet the Stash

It started out as a mere wish to rid my sewing room of the fluff outfall of making two onesies. It ended up by being a wholesale sewing room clean-out, including dragging out and reorganising the stash.

This is my stash, organised by colour. If you had asked me before I did this, I would have said my stash was small. Well, although it is not a huge stash, it is by no means as small as I had imagined.

So what do we have? Quite a lot of reds, oranges and pinks. A sizeable amount of beige, taupe and brown. Hardly any blues, besides some denim. Greens that I've had in the stash since I started sewing and really should sew. More whites and creams than I thought. One purple. Next to no black and  no grey, and given I like it so much, it is surprising I have no yellows at all.

The stash is very short on knits at the moment. And blouse weights. And yellow. I need yellow in my life.  So these are the holes I'd like to plug in the coming months.

I put the stash back into it's four plastic bins (they live in a cedar wardrobe that used to belong to my mother in law), in their colour groups. Having the stash out was very conducive to a bit of sewing scheming, and I've now designated one bin as the imminent sewing locker. Here are the fabrics that are at the top of the list, and my plans for them:

I bought this stretch cotton sateen from Tessuti. Twice. Yep, I totally forgot about the first purchase, and purchased precisely the same fabric again. At least my taste is consistent. But having bought it twice, it has languished in the stash. It's at the top of the list now, for a skirt and a pair of skinny pants.

 I bought this cotton shirting from Paron Fabrics in New York last year. I'm thinking of jumping on the Grainline Studios Archer train with this one, although if I wear it with the cotton sateen I'm a bit wary of coming across as the Jolly Green Giant. Heh.

I've had this vintage print cotton sateen from Spotlight for a while, and think it will sew up well with Burda 7179.

Another Burda vintage reprint pattern, with this fabric that was labelled tweed linen. It has a nubbly texture a bit like boucle, which could be good for the jacket on this pattern. There's plenty over for a skirt, with the silk crepe de chine for a blouse. No contenders for the dress in this pattern. Another whole to fill.
I've been searching for a pattern for this border print cotton lawn that did not involve a dirndl skirt for yonks. This Burda could be it.

The only blue I have in my wardrobe involves denim, except for this fabric. Love the print, if not the fabric content (some sort of polyester, bought before I developed my aversion to sewing and wearing it). I'm liking Cake Patterns Tiramisu for this one.

And lastly my stumper. Again, I loved the print and bought 4 metres of this silk something (probably crepe de chine, maybe georgette). So probably a dress since I have fabric, but have no vision of what that dress should look like. Suggestions invited.


  1. It's all relative isn't it - I think your stash is quite reasonable, in fact quite small compared to others (mine included!) but bigger than those remarkable creatures who don't stash at all. I look forward to seeing your finished projects, you have some lovely pieces there.

  2. I love my stash, I couldn't operate a "just in time" sewing regime, because part of the fun is deciding what to do with the fabric in storage.


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