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2013, the wrap up

I've been enjoying the 2013 wrap up posts that have been popping up over the last week or so. So much to enjoy, learn from and inspire. Here's mine. In February I  finally set up my own sewing blog, after years of lurking around the sewing blog world. I'd been blogging on my other blog , on gardening and cooking for ages, but I wasn't sure that I had the skill and workrate to underpin a sewing blog. I was also hesitant about maintaining two blogs (I was on the money there. Spades and Spoons has been rather neglected in 2013). Anyway, in the end, I decided to just do it. After all, we're not talking sheep stations here, right? This year I sewed 6 pants, 12 tops, 6 dresses, 3 skirts, 1 jacket and 2 onesies (!). And numerous muslins that haven't resulted in anything.  Not bad, considering my slow sewing, and the fact that June, much of August and September were write-offs due to travel and illness. My "Gold Star to Me" Award goes to....the Colette T

Fit help requested - the kimono sleeve

  Well, I'm into the next project and I've come up with a head scratcher. The pattern is Maria Denmark's Edith dress, which features a short kimono sleeve. I've pin basted the dress so far, and the stumper I have with this dress is the folds that go from armpit to shoulder. I've marked where the folds are in black. I have scoured my fit books, and the net, for ideas, but have come up empty handed, except for one comment that such folds are the nature of kimono sleeves. I've already scooped out a bit in the armhole, which has helped a bit, but not enough. Here's the back - same sort of folds as in front. Anyone with any wisdom to share on this? Is there anything I can do at this stage, or is this part of the deal with these sort of sleeves?

MBM - Stylish Dress Book Dress G, Swimming Costume Coverup

Well, Christmas is over for another year, and our Christmas panned out pretty much as I outlined in the beginning of the last post. The only difference was that it was a cool, wet day in Sydney that day and we ended up eating Christmas lunch inside, and the adults didn't go for a swim. The kids did though, nothing stops them.. So we are in the midst of the best week of the year, the suspended animation week between Christmas and New Year, when there are no schedules, and the hardest decision is whether to have another mango, or keep picking at the Christmas ham  for lunch. Yep, the  best week of the year, without doubt. Beach walks and swims are high on the agenda this week, so I practically live in my swimming costume. I've needed a cossie* coverup though, to see me to the beach, and then later to keep me decent when I nick into the bakery for a half dozen bread rolls. Casting around for a pattern, I hit paydirt with one of my Japanese pattern books, Stylish Dress Book V

MBM - Vogue 1224, Christmas dress 2013

Since I started sewing for myself, I've made myself a Christmas dress every year. Christmas Day for our family involves heading up to my parents' place in Sydney on Christmas Eve, church, then getting up on Christmas Day morning for our traditional three P's  - presents, prosecco and panettone then seafood and salad on the back verandah for lunch with my brothers, their wives and our total of 9 kids. Then we flop in the pool. So the dress is Vogue 1224, one of Pattern Review's patterns of 2011. The fabric came from my mother. We both bought lengths of this fabric from Pitt Trading a couple of years ago. I made my length into Burda 123-02-2008, pre-blog. The pattern review for that is here . Mum ended up giving me her length later on.  Yeah, I was a bit surprised she went for this print, it's a bit more out there than what she usually opts for. I love this print, so I was pleased to take it and put it to good use. The reds and greens, and the circle motifs give

MBM - Burda 107-07-2008, Black Linen Dress

Man alive, summer's arrived. So hot. All I want to wear are clothes that are loose, unstructured and COOL. Made in a fabric that breathes. Like linen. I had a length of black linen that I had meant to make into pants. Except when I brought the linen home it was a little too lightweight for the pants I had in mind. That's what happens when you speed-fabric shop. Nice dress weight, though, but I only had slightly over 2 metres so options would be limited. It didn't take too long to uncover Burda 107 from July 2008 from the stash, which fit the bill nicely. Here's the  tech drawing: I'd made the top version of this pattern twice before, and was really happy with the shape, so it seemed perfect for the loose, casual dress I had in mind.     Not much to daunt about this pattern, although the method I used to do the yoke probably isn't orthodox. It certainly bears no relation to what Burda was trying to get me to do. Even though I'd inserted an in

MBM - Self drafted pants, in another Fabric of Happiness

  A few posts ago , I was remarking on how late I was to get on board the coloured pants trend. Well, here is another trend, the patterned pants one, that I am way late on. Better late than never, I suppose. I used my pants sloper to make my standard issue fly-front, contoured waistband pant. I've made these so many times now I can just about do them in my sleep I reckon. There is nothing much to say about these pants, sewing wise, so let's divert out attention to my garden, in particular the jacaranda, which is looking great at the moment! Ok, back to the sewing... The fabric is a cotton sateen I bought from Spotlight about 2 years ago. I had a dress in mind for this fabric, but I need pants, and this fabric leapt out at me. A close up of the print, which I just love.   Yep.  A definite Fabric of Happiness .   Another reason to be happy - I might have finally made something to go with my nearly-vintage Burda overblouse make from the mid-1980s. I blogged