MBM - Self drafted pants, in another Fabric of Happiness

A few posts ago, I was remarking on how late I was to get on board the coloured pants trend. Well, here is another trend, the patterned pants one, that I am way late on. Better late than never, I suppose.
I used my pants sloper to make my standard issue fly-front, contoured waistband pant. I've made these so many times now I can just about do them in my sleep I reckon. There is nothing much to say about these pants, sewing wise, so let's divert out attention to my garden, in particular the jacaranda, which is looking great at the moment!
Ok, back to the sewing...
The fabric is a cotton sateen I bought from Spotlight about 2 years ago. I had a dress in mind for this fabric, but I need pants, and this fabric leapt out at me. A close up of the print, which I just love.
Yep.  A definite Fabric of Happiness .
Another reason to be happy - I might have finally made something to go with my nearly-vintage Burda overblouse make from the mid-1980s. I blogged about this here. Haven't decided yet, but I might wear this to the third day of the Sydney Ashes Test, designated "pink" day in honour of the McGrath Foundation to support breast cancer services.

And lastly, apropos of nothing really, a Christmas pudding bubbling away on the stove while I type up this post.


  1. Very colourful pants and they look lovely with your pink blouse. I wish I could sew pants. I have had a couple of goes but not a lot of success yet.

    1. I started sewing mainly because I wanted to have pants that fit me. I did a Pants Muslin online course on Pattern Review a while ago, and that was the best thing I ever did, sewing-wise. It really helped me figure out pants fit. Unfortunately, I haven't seen a similar course offered there in recent times.

  2. I love that fabric, I used the same fabric for a dress a while back. How are they wearing - does the sateen stretch and bag out or are they ok? And yes they are perfect to wear with your blouse

    1. Hi Kristy - this cotton sateen doesn't seem to have the same stretching out properties that the green sateen I recently made pants with did. That cotton sateen seemed to have quite a bit of spandex in it. I haven't had to resort to the half elastic waistband with these ones, thankfully.

  3. Your pants look wonderful! very happy fabric. They look terrific with your pink blouse :)


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