MBM - Stylish Dress Book Dress G, Swimming Costume Coverup

Well, Christmas is over for another year, and our Christmas panned out pretty much as I outlined in the beginning of the last post. The only difference was that it was a cool, wet day in Sydney that day and we ended up eating Christmas lunch inside, and the adults didn't go for a swim. The kids did though, nothing stops them..

So we are in the midst of the best week of the year, the suspended animation week between Christmas and New Year, when there are no schedules, and the hardest decision is whether to have another mango, or keep picking at the Christmas ham  for lunch. Yep, the  best week of the year, without doubt.

Beach walks and swims are high on the agenda this week, so I practically live in my swimming costume. I've needed a cossie* coverup though, to see me to the beach, and then later to keep me decent when I nick into the bakery for a half dozen bread rolls.

Casting around for a pattern, I hit paydirt with one of my Japanese pattern books, Stylish Dress Book Volume 1. You need a cossie coverup to be fairly roomy and this book is chock-full of dresses with heaps of ease. I haven't made anything else from this book, as I prefer less ease in my every day wear, and also I fear that the oversize look is better on winsome waifs than on someone like me. Anyway, I was spoilt for choice when it came to patterns for this purpose. In the end I chose Style G. Here's the photo:

And the line drawing:

And here is what I ended up with:
Love the pattern, but I'm not sure about this one. All that volume, especially in the back, and my decision not to gather the sleeves into a band and simply hem them isn't helping. But it is supposed to be flowing - I guess I'm just not used to wearing this much fabric. Down at the beach, still not sure.
The pattern itself was a dream, and I can recommend this book to anyone. The instructions are deft - they do not include one unnecessary word, but all the information is right there. And the illustrations are very clear. I'm pretty pleased with how I executed this one. The only thing I could say was that I set the top buttonhole a smidge too low.
I bought the fabric on a quick trip to Cabramatta about a month ago. Having had lunch, and with the clock tick-ticking on my two hour park, I had limited time to hit the fabric stores. I went into Van Hung fabrics (they are a friendly lot there), sniffed out this lovely cotton and paid for it in 3 minutes flat. Speed fabric shopping at its finest.
*It occurs to me that the word for swimming costume is one of the few words in Australia that show a regional difference. From New South Wales, I call my swimming costumer cossies or swimmers. My Queenslander husband calls his togs. My cousins called them bathers because that's what they call them in Victoria. Am I right in this? And what do they call them in the rest of Australia??


  1. Very cool and floaty looking cover up. I recall my earlier childhood growing up in the Southern Riverina where we all wore "togs" swimming. We moved over to the South Coast of NSW when I was 9 and I remember everyone looking at me weirdly when I mentioned "togs". Everyone calls them "swimmers" here.

  2. Yes, my kids call them togs too, because their father does, the only ones around here. I wonder if Victorians call them togs too?

  3. I'm a South Australian and I have bathers (although I'm accustomed to all sorts of other descriptors by virtue of various sojourns in various other parts of the world). My menfolk might have dikdaks. I love your cover-up. It looks ideal for the beach, irrespective of the terminology applied to what you might wear beneath it.

  4. I'm in Western Australia and have always called them bathers ( though my dad is from NSW and hubby is from VIC, so it may be an imported influence). Oh and "budgie smuggler" for speedos ( thankfully less common these days!).


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