MBM - Maria Denmark Kirsten Kimono Tee

The first entry in the La Sartora Book of Sewing Proverbs is "T-shirts maketh the wardrobe, therefore maketh t-shirts". (The second entry is "Weareth shoes in the sewing room lest thou be stabbed in the foot with a pin". That's all. The LSBSP is a short book).

The pattern

Maria Denmark Kirsten Kimono Tee

Why this pattern?

It's a t-shirt (see above). It needs less than a metre of fabric. It's quick. It's free as a download when you subscribe to the Maria Denmark newsletter.

The fabric

A viscose/lycra remnant from a long-ago project that has been simmering in deep stash for a number of years.

Fit notes

I cut a medium according to my high bust measurement. There aren't any finished garment measurements, but the pattern notes it is designed with negative ease. On measuring, I estimated the finished bust measurement to be 2 cm less than the bust measurement. So I did a 4cm FBA using Sandra Betzina's "pop" technique from her book Fast Fit (that technique alone was worth the price of the book).

Design changes


Construction changes

None. The directions for attaching the neckline binding are the best I've come across, and I've sewn a few t-shirts.

New to me skills

None - this one didn't stretch me.

High fives to me for..

Nothing really.

"What was I thinking?" moments

The twin needled hems and stitching around the neckline were a bit ripply. Since I made this, I've sewn other knits with better twin needle results because I wound back the tension a tad.

Will I be making this again?

Yes, I quite like this t-shirt.

What would I change next time?

A bit longer perhaps. Also, I'd like to see if I can address the wrinking between the neck and bust. Not sure if this is a fit issue, or the viscose/lycra straining to drape.

Tangential observations

How hard was it to get a decent photo of this? My daughter has been the photographer these school holidays, and she is quite happy to snap away. I think she took 44 photos. The only decent one was the one above. This other photo that wasn't too bad, but you can see the photographer reflected behind me..

The rest were write-offs.

I, along with a lot of other people, have been pretty critical of some of Burdastyle's shot selection at times.  Based on today's effort, though,  I can well believe some of those photos that don't show the clothes off very well are the best available, the rest having the model squinting, skirts flying up, wind, rain, just looking plain weird etc etc. Sorry Burda, all is forgiven


  1. I actually really like the neckline draping and thought it was intentional! Down to the color you choose, this reminds me very much of a rtw tshirt that sadly got irreparably stained. Maybe I should give the pattern another try!

    1. Intentional draping, I like it! The colour is a bit unusual for me, I'm wondering whether it will be a bit of an outlier in my wardrobe.

  2. This is one of my very favorite patterns and you have done it proud. Great color on you!

  3. Hello! Nice version!
    The t-shirt is a tad big on you - (that's why the neckline drapes a bit).
    If you want the draping to go away
    go down a size and do an FBA

    1. OOps - You already did that:-)
      I don't know the pop methopd (will have to look into that) - but the t-shirt is too big across your upper chest. Try measuring your high bust and choosing size according to that. Then make the FBA..

    2. Hi Maria - Yes, I tried that. My high bust is 92cm, so I cut out the medium size, and did the FBA on that. Do you think the FBA might be a bit much? Too much fabric and it drapes?


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