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MBM - Vogue 8805

This make has been like a pebble in my shoe for so long, hovering around the sewing table saying "Make me, make me!" for a good six months.
The first time I got the pattern pieces out of the envelope was when I thought this would be a good dress to wear to a high school reunion. That was in September. Then I got sick, and wore my black Colette Peony dress instead. Since then, it has sat there, waiting for me to locate the right fabric for a summer version of this dress. This took me a while.
I thought it had it sorted after I made my Burda black linen dress. I really thought the remnant of lightweight black linen I had left would cover the lower band of the dress. After I bought the red and mauve linen, and set to work, I realised I didn't. I didn't really want to make a narrower lower band, which was one option. So I returned the pattern to the envelope and let the project simmer for a while.
It wasn't until I was idly flipping through a recent Threads magazine,…

Of Awards and Other Things

It's been an interesting 24 hours or so here at Casa La Sartora. This is what has happened:

-My son set three records at his school swimming carnival - one record had stood since 1993! Go, Cam!
- After many months of looking (a saga I'd rather not go into here), I was finally offered a paying job! Yay!
-I was nominated for a Liebster award by Nicole at The Somnolent Dachshund. (Is there any other kind of dachshund?)

What I understand of the Liebster award is that you answer questions from your nominator, give some random facts about yourself, then nominate blogs with under 200 followers to continue. Seems like a great way to find out about bloggers and investigate new blogs that haven't come into your orbit. Sounds like a lovely idea, so let's get cracking...

Play-by-the rules or rebel?
Used to be straight up and down play-by-the-rules type. That's what being first-born,  pretty strict parenting and 13 years at Catholic schools do to you! However now prefer to think…

MBM - Maria Denmark Edith, Version 2

My favourite make of the last few months has been hands down, the Maria Denmark Edith dress, posted here. I knew it would be a favourite, and I always intended to make another. So I thought I would squeeze this make in now, in time to enter the Pattern Review Maria Denmark giveaway. The other dress was all about the sweet print. This version I see more as a layering piece to be worn over the next few months of autumn with cardigans, and perhaps with boots and tights when the weather turns (as much as it turns around here). This is the last of 5 metres of this beautiful drapey cotton I bought at Tessuti a while ago. More stash busting! It looks like chambray, but feels much more luxurious. I read on someone's blog recently (and if it was your blog,  I do apologise for having this brain fade and not crediting you), that if you like a fabric buy five metres of the stuff, and really enjoy it. When I saw this, I knew how useful it would be, and bought the five. Kudos to me. The butto…