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Sewing Ennui Thwarted

At the end of the last post I was fretting that I had no sewing inspiration. It hasn't lasted long. A spot of stash shopping has done the trick. I made a lightning visit into Tessuti the other day. With teenagers in tow, on a time schedule as ever, when I am in Sydney (one day, I will go to Sydney alone specifically to buy fabric, instead of having to wedge shopping in with other commitments. I live in hope.), I was in and out of there in 10 minutes. This is what I bought: A digital printed ponte remnant. At 1.4 metres I can make a skirt out of this. Or else team it with some ponte in the stash to make a colour blocked dress. I bought this remnant simply because I like it. Blues and purples look good on my daughter, so she will probably be the beneficiary.  She likes it too. Again, will probably team it with another fabric in a dress. I bought a length of merino to make another Renfrew top, except it is not pistachio green as depicted here, but acid yellow. In the s

All my own work, sadly

After the ups and downs of bringing the Gabriola skirt project to a conclusion, I was looking forward to a nice, simple project to bring me back to an even keel. I thought Maria Denmark's new Olivia Oversized Tee project would do the trick. Sadly, no. I always appreciate it when sewing bloggers share their wadders. There is always something to learn, but let's be frank, it is also comforting to know that when you make a howler in the sewing room, you are not alone. And so, in the interest of service to the sewing blog community, here's the story of a Simple Tee Gone Horribly Wrong. Alarm bells rang straight away on this project. I brought this fabric out of the stash, where it has been since I consigned it after washing in January. I did not notice then, but it sure was obvious now that in the process this stretchy rayon knit's stripes had gone badly awry in one corner. I should have bailed right then, but what did I do? Yep, I ignored this fact, in the hope tha

MBM - Sewaholic Gabriola Skirt

My daughter had her 14th birthday recently, so I asked her whether she would like me to make her anything to mark the occasion (I only sew for her on request, never on spec, because I know where those projects are likely to end up). She said yes, a maxiskirt, which was a bit of a relief. I was half expecting a repeat of the onesie trauma of last year. Sewaholic recently released the Gabriola skirt pattern. The pattern is just lovely with some interesting seam lines to make the yoke, and a skirt that has a very satisfactory amount of swish and sway. Happily the daughter agreed. The pattern notes on the website point out that the Gabriola is drafted with a pear shape in mind. They are not wrong. My daughter is not a pear, more straight up and down (a celery stick?), with minimal waist definition. When I chose the size to cut, I had to cut the hip  three sizes down from her waist measurement. Three sizes. Wow! I was interested to see how such a difference between waist and hi