Sewing Ennui Thwarted

At the end of the last post I was fretting that I had no sewing inspiration. It hasn't lasted long. A spot of stash shopping has done the trick.

I made a lightning visit into Tessuti the other day. With teenagers in tow, on a time schedule as ever, when I am in Sydney (one day, I will go to Sydney alone specifically to buy fabric, instead of having to wedge shopping in with other commitments. I live in hope.), I was in and out of there in 10 minutes. This is what I bought:

A digital printed ponte remnant. At 1.4 metres I can make a skirt out of this. Or else team it with some ponte in the stash to make a colour blocked dress.

I bought this remnant simply because I like it. Blues and purples look good on my daughter, so she will probably be the beneficiary.  She likes it too. Again, will probably team it with another fabric in a dress.

I bought a length of merino to make another Renfrew top, except it is not pistachio green as depicted here, but acid yellow. In the shop it seemed exactly what I need in the midst of winter when I am craving COLOUR.  Now I have it home, I'm not so sure. Oh well, we'll see.

And earlier in the week I was lucky enough to pick up these French buttons at $1 each in Spotlight, down from $3.99 each. These are perfect for a make I've had in mind, which has been looking for the right button. These are it. And now to work.

So there you have it. Sewist Finds Sewing Inspiration Through Stash Shopping. Who'd have thought?


  1. Fabric shopping with teenagers- yes I know what you mean! Now you deserve some selfish sewing.

    1. Yes, fabric shopping is the worst torture I can devise for my teenage son!

  2. Wow, you did well in that ten minute dash.Love the buttons too.

    1. If there was a Fabric Shopping Olympics I reckon I'd go well in the 10 minute dash!

  3. Ooh, love the strong colours in the blues and purples piece - I have fabric envy!

  4. It's a beauty isn't it? My girl might not get it after all...


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