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MBM - McCalls 6441, princess line, zip front jacket

It’s been a while since my last post. After making some big plans in July, it has been a winter of sewing discontent around here. I did not make my deadline to make a jacket, pants and blouse for a lunch at the end of August. About a month ago, I came down with a weird virus thingy that hasn’t been bad enough to send me to bed or take sick days, but has been bad enough to have me choosing an early night over the sewing machine most nights. So progress has been slow. And in the end, I felt too under the weather to haul myself to Sydney for a lunch, so I cancelled anyway. So where were we.. oh yes, McCalls 6441. After my last hissy fit of a post,  I poked around the net to see if I could come up with another pattern, so I could boot McCalls 6441 out. Then I gave myself a good talking to, and told myself to woman up! Was I going to let myself be defeated by a paper pattern just because McCalls didn’t use/forgot to use/forgot how to use a measuring tape in making their finished pattern m…