Remake/Remodel - Simplicity 2246 Traveler dress to button front mini skirt

I haven’t been near the machine much lately so it’s time to delve into unblogged projects from 2014, while I try and kickstart the mojo for 2015.
Back in February 2014 I made my second Maria Denmark Edith Dress, using the very last of some very fabulous chambray look cotton I bought at Tessuti a long time ago. I’ve waxed lyrical about that fabric before on the blog, and will do so again – it was great stuff!
My first make with this fabric was a Simplicity 2246 Lisette Traveler shirtdress, in pre-blog days. Here’s my very first review on Pattern Review. I've written in that review that I had plans for another dress from this pattern, which never eventuated. Theoretically, I thought this would be perfect for me, but in practice it sat in my wardrobe – I probably only wore it twice. I think this because this dress is straight, with a belt being mandatory to give it some shape. I never found the right belt, and even if I did, I find belt-wearing problematic and uncomfortable with my short-waistedness. The collar was also a bit rough and ready. 
The Edith, another shirtdress but with more shaping, was a better choice for me.

(Amelia has placed an embargo on her head for this post, because she just didn't feel like brushing her hair)

I just did not wear this dress so it was a prime candidate for a wardrobe cull. First I cannibalised the buttons and put them on the Edith. And rather than charity shop the dress and farewell that amazing fabric forever, I decided to remake/remodel some of the dress into a button-front mini skirt for Amelia.
This was simply a matter of chopping off the bottom 55cm of the dress, gathering and making a waistband out of the last little remnant I had left. Then I made another buttonhole at the bottom of the skirt. Done.
I’ve remodelled the top half of the dress but still need to find buttons before I can blog it.

Meanwhile, would anyone like my used (traced not cut) Lisette Traveler pattern? I really like the style, just not for me, it could be yours though. Let me know by Friday this week. If I get more than one taker by then, well, you know the drill. 


  1. He he. I have a daughter who would rather be headless than brush her hair too.
    Great refashion.

    1. Well, she really was living up to my nickname for her - Haystacks - so I wasn't arguing!

  2. Perfect refashion and I look forward to seeing how you have worked the top half.

    1. Thank you - the right button is proving a bit elusive for that refashion, so it may take a while!

  3. Glad to hear you have refashioned that lovely fabric, rather than wasting it. I would love to try the Lisette Traveller Shirt Dress. I have been tempted to buy this pattern a few times, but have never got around to it.

    1. Jean, it's yours! Email me on pngall at shoal dot net dot au with your address, and it is on it's way.


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