Breaking a sewing drought - Measure Twice Cut Once Darcy boxers x 2

So I’ve had a little hiatus from the blog for various reasons:
a)            Holidays!
b)            A month long breakdown in my internet connection (egh, don’t get me started on that one – hello Skymesh and the NBN!!), which had me reduced to reading blogs on my phone. And while I was reading blogs, I wasn’t commenting much either– I find typing on my phone something I only do under sufferance. And I always have to find my glasses to do it anyway. Which I keep losing.
c)           I readily admit that (b) is a bit of a furphy, really, because even if I did having a working internet connection, I wouldn't have much content to post due to a persistent  sewing fog settling over the last few months.  I’ve endeavoured to lift this lately with a an easy boxer short make for each the teenagers.

I used Measure Twice, Cut Once’s Darcy boxer pattern to make a pair of boxers each for my son and daughter.

You can see Maria Denmark Olivia muscling in on the right of the photograph

This is a free pattern, and I would have to say that I am very impressed with it.  The draft is good, the amount of ease allowed is spot on and the construction mimics RTW boxers. There are slightly different versions for men (longer, button up fly, exposed elastic waist)  and women (shorter, side vent, mock fly ). The instructions are comprehensive and easy to follow. Altogether a good sewing experience, capped off by the fact that I used remnants from other projects to make these. Game, set , match.

My daughter’s  boxers on the left  are the last of a cotton lawn I used on this Liesl & Co Weekender Blouse .  My son’s  boxers on the right are made from the silk/cotton remnants of my  Sewaholic Yaletown make of last year. Both were wrestled out of constant wearing rotation to get this photo taken, and requests have been made for further boxers.My husband has been looking plaintively at me too.

I am pleased to report that since making these boxers, the sewing drought seems to have broken somewhat and I've been sewing some more lately.  More sewing posts should not be too far off in the future.


  1. Glad to see your sewing drought has broken Paola and I look forward to seeing what you have been creating. Lovely to see your teenagers appreciating your sewing efforts too. Must be very satisfying.

  2. It is gratifying when something you make is as appreciated as these are.


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