MBM - Liesl + Co Bento Tee, sweatshirt version

 A simple sweatshirt today. A couple of months ago I bought a few metres of some nylon/merino sweatshirting from The Fabric Store to make some  trackie pants to play tennis in on chilly winter Wednesday nights.  They are a bit too TBTB – too boring to blog –elastic waist pants, what’s to say? I’m stumped, but here’s what I’ve done with the extra fabric:
As I was considering my pattern  options, Lara blogged the sweatshirt variation of Liesl + Co’s Bento Tee recently. It’s easy to forget – L+Co don’t show the sweatshirt option made up at all, it’s only there when you look at the line drawings.
I’ve made the Bento Tee twice before here and here, so had a fair idea of the fit I was going to get. For this sweatshirt, I made a few minor design changes: I cut the back in one piece, not two, and lengthened it to get a high/low hemline happening. I also made splits in the side seams. The only fit change I made was to lengthen the sleeve by 5cm.
It wasn’t until after I cut out the shirt, that I decided to use the reverse loop side on the outside of the front – I’d seen this done on a Roxy sweatshirt, last time I was in a surf shop with my kids (and embarrassing them no end by closely investigating the inside of garments that caught my eye. Hey, just doing  my job J). Heathered grey is not the greatest look against my skin, though, so I’ll definitely have to wear this with some sort of scarf in real life.
The nylon/merino fabric is light  but beautifully  soft and cosy, perfect for the local version of winter.

And lastly, because it’s been a while since he’s appeared on the blog, a cameo from Dash:


  1. I really like this top. Nice job!

  2. Yes that's is a lovely style and go for embarrassing the kids! I have that fabric and made tights for me and my niece and have some cut out for a jacket. I like the thought to put the loops on the outside.

    1. I wondered if putting the loops on the outside would feel less warm - but no. I also wondered whether I would constantly catch the loops on things, but that hasn't been a problem either, yet.

  3. Nice top. I like the way you have reversed the fabric for the front panel.


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