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MBM - Sewaholic Granville, Version 2

After my first go at the Sewaholic Granville shirt, I thought it would be a good idea to consolidate some of the shirtmaking techniques I had picked up by making another fairly quickly. I’ve also enjoyed wearing the first Granville, so I had to have another one, soon. And so, here it is.. I was pretty happy with the fit of the first one, so made no fit changes. The only issue I wanted to address was the slight constriction I felt around my bent elbow. This is after adding 4cm in width between bicep and elbow, which seemed to give me plenty of ease. Maybe my elbows are unusually broad. Maybe my arms do weird things when I bend my elbow? Whatever. I cut the sleeve on the bias to facilitate a bit more “give” in the elbow area. It’s a trick I picked up on a Pattern Review course quite a while ago, and it works a treat. You have to be a bit careful handling the pieces as you do with any bias cut piece. And I can see in the picture below  that there is a slight "step" between the…