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For someone who thinks that one of the best bits of the whole sewing caper is hanging about in fabric stores, it is very sad that in the last 18 months or so I have barely been in one. That is apart from the odd purchase from Spotlight, which to my mind doesn't count. Which tells you a bit about the ambivalent attitude I have to that store.
Anyway, it has come to pass that in the last two weeks I have been to Sydney twice, and have managed fabric store visits on both occasions. And here is the best bit - these forays into fabric stores have been sans offspring. Amazing.
Before I went shopping I made a mental list of what I really needed:

  • Bottom weight fabrics - I'd just about come to the bottom of the stash here.
  • Knits, as always 
  • Denim - I really want to make both jeans and a denim jacket, so this was a priority.

In addition, I gave myself a stern talking to and told myself to stay away from:

  • Big floral prints
  • Cotton sateen
  • Silks
  • Anything obviously destined for formal wear

In short, I needed fabrics to make clothes that I wear every day.
Here is what I came out with:
 I've been wanting to make some activewear for a while, and finally got to visit Metro Textiles last week. I bought 2.5 metres each of cornflower blue and charcoal grey supplex, which should make a couple of pairs of tights and some coordinating tops for yoga and gym.

On the way to Tempe, I stopped off at Pitt Trading in Ramsgate. I normally have some success here, but not much caught my eye as being what I need for everyday wear. There were a lot of very nice fabrics for special things, and quite a lot of scuba knit. Not for me. I came away with two soft knits (possibly rayon? One thing about Pitt Trading is that not all it's fabrics are labelled) and a one metre remnant of shibori print stretch denim. I'll think of something to do with it.

On Friday I took the train into the city. I struck gold almost immediately I entered Tessuti with the stretch denim. There was 5 metres on the roll. I took all of it. Below is a medium weight linen in Charcoal grey to make some summer pants. Both are a lot darker than shown here.
 Still at Tessuti, a soft cotton twill for a summer shell top. Chocolate Ponti to make another pair of Anita Ponti pants. And lastly,  I had been looking at the zig zag print print on the roll, then turned around to find a two metre remnant on the remnant table for quite a lot less. Sold.

 At the Fabric Store I bought 2 metres each of merino knit. The white will probably end up as a long sleeved Renfrew. The mustard merino I am thinking may end up as a Sophie Cardigan by Muse patterns. For purple merino sweatshirting I am considering Paprika Patterns Jasper sweatshirt. Or maybe a zip-front Sophie. Lastly, the mustard corduroy is definitely pants material.

I am really happy with my haul. I have plugged some holes in the stash. Some were on sale, some not, but no buyers remorse here at all.

Meanwhile back at the sewing machine... I have made a dress recently, but it's been too cold to model it for the blog. Hopefully soon.

On the other hand, I have sewn my first true wadder in a long time with a Grainline Studio Morris Blazer. Ugh. I knew it would be boxy, but a less flattering garment would be hard to imagine. Despite careful measuring, I've made it far too big, with the shoulder sleeve seam hanging off the end of my shoulder, not helped by the heavy ponti I used. And the ponti did not want to be eased smoothly into the armhole and was impervious to all the tricks I normally use to set in sleeves. I attempted one sleeve three times with less than average results, but trying the garment on was enough to tell me that this is a project not worth persevering with. Which is a shame, because I had high hopes for this pattern. I might try it again at least two sizes smaller, with a lighter weight stretch woven and see what happens.

Lastly, back on the ranch, today the first of this year's lambs was born. A female who seems healthy, so far, touch wood. It is always a bit of a tense time when the lambs come. So many things can go wrong with feeding - sometimes the mums reject the lamb, some the mums are just clueless about staying still to feed, sometimes the lambs are a bit fragile. Or the mums get mastitis. Then there are the foxes to worry about. We have another two pregnant ewes, so we will go through nervous times with them too.


  1. I thought I was the only one that couldn't get the Grainline Studio Morris Blazer to look right. I tried it a couple of times - no joy! It's confusing, because there are so many bloggers that have posted pictures wearing it, looking great...

    1. Thank you for letting me know that I'm not the only one who seems to have had trouble with getting the Morris Blazer to look right! Such a seemingly straightforward pattern too..I don't know where I've gone wrong!

  2. Great buys - one of the simple joys in life Is solo fabric, which I didn't realise until I had kids. I'm not sure about that Morris blazer either, I like the shape but it seems most people complain about the front facing hanging badly

    1. I didn't even get to the front facing, but I'm guessing there would have been a whole new world of pain waiting for me there. I think a big part of the problem was the weight of the ponti I used.

  3. Fabric shopping without family pressure equals a rare joy indeed. We have had one set of twin lambs - both female and healthy and at 6 weeks hopefully past fox attacks. We have another 3 ewes-one has looked huge for ages now so who knows when she will deliver. I fully understand your lambing anxiety !

    1. Sounds like you are on "ewe watch" too. We speculating that one of the ewes has twins, she is enormous.

  4. I also found the shoulders of the Morris Blazer very wide. Most people who have seen it up seemed to have the same problem, but when I took a couple of cm out of the shoulders, it made up nicely, so maybe don't give up on the pattern yet! Love your haul. I stayed away from the sales as my stash is still too deep to add to....

    1. Thanks for your advice. I haven't given up on the Morris, just was a bit surprised as to how big it is drafted.

  5. I am very envious of your fabric shopping. Even a trip to Spotlight is quite exciting for me as the closest one is a two hour drive away. Thanks for the tips regarding the Morris Blazer. I have the pattern and am planning to make it up very soon.

    1. I really should be more grateful that I am least relatively close to a Spotlight, I know!
      Good luck with the Morris - actually the ponti I used for the doomed jacket was from Spotlight. It was just a bit heavy for it, which added to the other issues.


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