MBM - Style Arc Misty Pull-on Jean

To tell you truth,  the idea of Style Arc's Misty Pull-On Jean didn't excite me at first. I read "Pull-on jean"and thought "jeggings", then wondered if someone at my time of life was doing themselves a huge favour by wearing them.  
Then again, as someone whose waist measurement is capable of expanding and contracting alarmingly  as I watch, the elasticised waist has it’s attractions.  Then Style Arc offered the pattern bundled with the appropriate yardage of stretch bengaline and elastic for only $30. I figured if I hated them, I would have invested time but  not too much money…
First off I was impressed by the feel of the bengaline. I’d read good things about Style Arc bengaline, and I wasn’t disappointed. I’ve only sewn Spotlight bengaline before, and this one had a much nicer hand. And the petrol colour I had chosen was pretty close to what I expected.

Worn with Grainline Scout Woven Tee, blogged here and Simplicity 2603, made pre-blog

The yardage provided was bang on what was needed for this pattern, so there was not much room for extra  wide seam allowance insurance, or to accommodate stuffups, so I had to be on my toes. Of course, I made a mistake during cutting. I added 3cm to the length of the pants,  but when I came to cut out one leg.. I started to cut one at the provided length. Fortunately  I realised before I finished, so I only snipped into the leg about an inch, an inch I had to doctor with a bit of interfacing and some discreet  zig zag stitches.
Apart from adding length, the only thing I changed was adding about an inch to the back crotch hook, which is an adjustment I automatically make to pants to accommodate my rounded backside.
Putting these pants together was largely stress free. The only tiresome thing was changing between a universal needle to stitch and a twin needle for the topstitching. Even with this to and fro, the pants didn’t take all that long to put together.
The elastic on the pants is doubled up, and sewn on as is, which is a construction technique I haven’t used before. It certainly precludes tucking in, which is not something I do anyway. It is easy to achieve, but I’m not sure I’d do it again – I think I’d make a casing if I make these pants again.
The other thing I’d do is add a bit to the back curve. It sits a bit low for my liking.

Having started out a bit not entirely sold by the idea of a pull on jean, I have to say the construction was stress free, but I’m a bit unsure of the result. On one hand, my teenage daughter and husband have given the pants the thumbs up. They are also super-comfortable, as promised.  While I think this has potential to be a handy garment, until I get my head around how to style them, and maybe make some tops to go with them,  I think I’ll hold my final judgement.


  1. They are a slim fit and I think you would be much happier with a tunic length top. Love the colour.

    1. You are right, Sharon. I chose these items to wear for these photos so the top of the pants could be seen, otherwise it's just a picture of two legs in blue fabric :)

  2. I have been eyeing this pattern off for a while now. Can't beat an elastic waist for comfort. The slim fitting style looks great on you Paola. Thanks for sharing your experience. The colour ties in beautifully with your Scout too.

    1. Thanks Jean - it was your recommendation of the Style Arc bengaline that encouraged me to have a go at this pattern.

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  3. I think they look great! I am always in awe when I read about your sewing and all the details of how you adjust the patterns. I don't know many other bloggers that describe the detail like that, and I really appreciate it extra info. Not that I'm up to that level at all, but at least I know that patterns can/should be adjusted now...

    1. Hi Liz - when I first started sewing I used to sew Size 14s without fitting adjustments (because that was my size in RTW!) and wasn't often happy with the result! It's not often that I don't make fitting changes on patterns these days. Even a few minor changes like the ones I made on these pants make all the difference.
      I've found that learning to fit has been a gradual process of book learning (I recommend Sandra Betzina's Fast Fit), and experience. And I'm still learning - that's what's so great about sewing.


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