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MBM - Style Arc Kate, with long sleeves this time

A quick post for a quick sew: the Style Arc Kate dress, made before here. At the time I made the first version of Kate, I was pretty sure I’d be making at least another one. It’s taken this long mainly because I hadn’t seen the right fabric in 18 months. However the moment I clapped eyes on this fuchsia stretch poly crepe in Spotlight, I knew I had found it. A couple of small variations on the first version:  I sewed long sleeves on this one, but without the tucks above the wrist the pattern is designed with. The thought of making nice even tucks in a slinky knit was enough to make my eyes cross. And tucks on that part of the sleeve don’t make a lot of sense to me anyway. I also used the Vilene tearaway specified to sew and stabilise the neckline and wrap edge of the dress this time. It was only $2 a metre from the Tessuti website, and well worth seeking out. Other than that, there were no fit changes on this dress at all, not even length, which is unheard of for me. From my experi…

MBM - Style Arc Tessa pants and a Planfrew/Rentain

A pattern for a pair of elastic waist pants wouldn’t interest me much ordinarily, as it is a pretty simple draft to make your own pattern if you have a pant block, which I do. The blurb for Style Arc’s Tessa pant piqued my interest though with this pitch: "The pants have an elastic waist with little fullness to allow them to sit flat when on the body" I’ve made a few self drafted elastic waist pants, and the puffiness around the waist is a bit of a thing, so I decided to see if the Tessa draft was an improvement. I made two fit changes to the pattern. The main one is to add about 5cm to the back crotch hook. This alteration is a standard one on pants for me. It is the key to getting a comfortable fit around the back, but the downside is that the inside back leg is always substantially longer than the inner front leg, and so requires careful easing. This can sometimes be a bit fraught, depending on the fabric I'm sewing with. However, I was flipping through some old Aust…

MBM - Style Arc Cosy Cardi

One of the most worn items of clothing in my wardrobe is a RTW  light wool cardi, that after seven years of constant  wear even I had to admit, was looking pretty sad. I have been in denial about this for a while, because I love that cardigan. There’s nothing special about it stylewise- just a V-neck cardi that hit me below the hip, but always seemed to be in the equation on cool-ish days. So I had to replace it, but unlike seven years ago, I now have the skills to make one. I used some merino knit I bought at the Fabric Store a month or two ago.  For the pattern, I chose Style Arc’s Cosy Cardi which is a near-identical pattern to my RTW version.   The only difference is that the RTW cardi has a button band, whereas the Style Arc has a facing that is topstitched down. I compared the measurements of the pattern to my RTW cardi. They were almost identical, except for the pattern being longer in body and sleeve, which was fine by my calculation. So I decided to cut this pattern with not…