MBM - Style Arc Kate, with long sleeves this time

A quick post for a quick sew: the Style Arc Kate dress, made before here.
At the time I made the first version of Kate, I was pretty sure I’d be making at least another one. It’s taken this long mainly because I hadn’t seen the right fabric in 18 months. However the moment I clapped eyes on this fuchsia stretch poly crepe in Spotlight, I knew I had found it.
A couple of small variations on the first version:  I sewed long sleeves on this one, but without the tucks above the wrist the pattern is designed with. The thought of making nice even tucks in a slinky knit was enough to make my eyes cross. And tucks on that part of the sleeve don’t make a lot of sense to me anyway.
I also used the Vilene tearaway specified to sew and stabilise the neckline and wrap edge of the dress this time. It was only $2 a metre from the Tessuti website, and well worth seeking out.
Other than that, there were no fit changes on this dress at all, not even length, which is unheard of for me.
From my experience with the first version, I can categorically say this is a well drafted wrap dress. No neck gape here, and the wrap stays wrapped. It’s also a very fast make – nothing not to like about Style Arc Kate.
This is the fourth Style Arc pattern I’ve blogged in a row, and I have a few more high up in the sewing queue coming up. This hasn’t been a conscious thing, but now I see the pattern, I can put the fact I’m sewing so much Style Arc lately down to a few things. First up, serendipitously, Size 12 Style Arc fits my measurements exactly, which must help the experience somewhat. Still, we all know no two Size 12s are the same, as proportions differ so much. Here, I seem to have lucked in too, because I have been able to make Style Arc patterns with only minor tweaking to make them fit.
But I think an even bigger factor is that I can trust the draft on these patterns implicitly. They go together so well. And excessive wearing ease has never been an issue. It’s not always possible to say that of other pattern companies, and I am looking at both Big 4 and independents here.
Sure, the instructions are brief to the point of terseness (although I think they have become a LITTLE more comprehensive lately, but I could be imagining that). That doesn’t bother me too much, as I reckon it’s nothing that a little experience, research and a bit of common nous can’t overcome. And it’s my contention that people who sew by definition have nous, or they wouldn’t be sewing in the first place!


  1. This is lovely. I've liked the Style arcs I've seen too. But I'm still a burdastyel magazine addict! Because they fit me well without a lot of alterations. I think you're on to something there.

    1. Thank you. I used to sew quite a few burdas back in the day when it was BWOF. I really should revisit some of the styles I didn't get around to then.

  2. This is just stunning (in a good way) Paola. The colour is gorgeous and the longer length is very elegant. Such a timely post, as I have just purchased this pattern and it is very high in my sewing queue. Thanks for the added inspiration.

    1. Jean I reckon the Kate would look great on you. Look forward to seeing it!

  3. Love this... love it! The colour and fit are fantastic. It looks terrific on you.

  4. fabulous colour and elegant shape ;o)


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