MBM - Paprika Patterns Jasper Sweatshirt

I bought some merino sweatshirting last July on sale from The Fabric Store, with the intention of making up a Paprika Patterns Jasper sweatshirt almost straight away. Unfortunately, as July tipped into August, still allegedly winter, we were treated to increasingly mild days of over 20C interspersed with 30C+  stinkers. The wool sweatshirt project got shelved.
I knew  that I had to get my ducks in a row early in the winter sewing season, if I wanted to make and wear a merino sweatshirt in 2016 (This goes for all my winter sewing really). Hooray! I did it! Added bonus: I match the tibouchina currently in flower in the front garden.
Paprika Patterns is a new-to-me pattern company, so I spent a bit of time contemplating which size to cut, particularly the bust size, and  the question of whether or not to make my customary FBA. In the end, after taking note of the finished sizes, and comparing them to similar RTW sweatshirts in my wardrobe, I went for Size 6 with no FBA. (Note: Sizes 6 and below are drafted for a B cup. Sizes 7 and above drafted for a C cup.)

I made  a 7cm length addition on the body pieces to make it a tunic length sweatshirt. Let’s not beat around the bush here – I feel the cold in my backside most, and a couple of layers of wool in this region is very attractive to me! I also added length to the sleeves, mainly because that is what I always do. I have longish arms. However, I ended up  cutting off the added length, and then some.
The pattern goes together easily. There are good instructions for the welt pockets on both the printed instructions and on the Paprika patterns website, so don’t be intimidated by them.
Oh dear, this could have done with another press, but I was in a rush to get photos done before my photographer sloped off to the gym.
I’m happy with this make. The fit is pretty good and I’m happy with the amount of ease. I don’t regret not making an FBA.
And can I say how much I love sewing wool - this sweatshirting behaved itself under the presser foot, pressed well and felt lovely between the fingers as you sew. And I love the smell of wool when you iron it. 
To conclude, as someone who could wear sweatshirts for work and play, I predict that this will be a high rotation garment. That sweatshirting is lovely to wear too – light, but warm.  If I can find some decent cotton sweatshirting or good quality fleece, I’d like to make the hooded version of this pattern too - any suggestions for sources would be welcomed.


  1. A beautiful Jasper Sweatshirt Paola. Great job on the welt pockets and your length alteration works very well. Love love love that colour...beautifully coordinated with your Tibouchina too. I really must try this pattern.

  2. Wool, a stylish sweatshirt and gorgeous colour just perfect. I've downloaded this pattern just need to get it printed at Officeworks.

    1. Look forward to seeing it on your blog, Sharon!


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