MBM - Style Arc Beth and Tessuti Mandy

Two items to share today, both in the category of "comfortable basics", which pretty much constitutes 90% of my wardrobe.

The top is Tessuti Mandy Boat Neck tee, made before here and here. Both of these tops have been hardworking items in my wardrobe, and after three years solid service, are just about ready to be superannuated. At least one replacement Mandy was in order.
 The fabric is some sort of rayon/poly blend knit from Remnant Warehouse. For this version, I followed the lead of a number of bloggers and took 5cm out of centre front and back - you can see there is still enough volume there. I also lengthened the body pieces about 10cm, and the sleeves also about 10cm to make them long sleeves, instead of 3/4 sleeves.
This was a super-quick sew. When I find another suitable stripey knit, I'll make another. And seriously, I don't have much else to add!

Ok onto the pants, Style Arc Beth, which is a variation of the much loved Style Arc Barb. The only difference is those "slimming design lines". Nice, but as a non-tucker innerer, a bit lost on me.
The fabric is Style Arc bengaline in Aubergine. Great hand and easy to work with. 


I've had relative success with Style Arc pants before, the only alteration I made on these pants was to add 5cm to the back crotch hook, which is pretty standard for me to accommodate my sticky-out rear end bequeathed to me by my paternal grandmother. I didn't add length, and the length of these was spot on for me.
There is wrinkling around the back of the knee there, but you know what? I'm not fussed.

On the other hand, the pooling of fabric at the front crotch here does bother me a bit (but not enough to consign the pants to Wadderville) - perhaps a matter of shortening the front crotch hook next time? 

Not the world's greatest photo, but here are the design lines at front. The topstitching is optional of course, but there isn't much of it and it highlights those diagonal seams. 

Happy with this outfit, and in terms of comfort, up there with pjs.


  1. This is a lovely outfit. I love how well the stripes in the top coordinate with the pants. I have a piece of this aubergine bengaline from Style Arc in my stash too...only enough for a skirt though. I think I will stick with the Barb pants as those design lines on the Beth pants would be wasted on me too.

    1. I seem to have a "thing" for purples at the moment! I really like the Aubergine colour of the pants - a great basic colour that goes with a lot, but not as usual as a black or grey.


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