Me Made May 2016 - Week 2

Week 2 of Me Made May for 2016 over.
To recap, the challenge I set myself is to wear one me made item per day (not documented) and at least two  me made outfits per week, which I will document. (As I noted in my pledge post, my me made outfit days fall on my non-work days. Jeans work best for my work with disabled adults, and I just haven't gone there with my sewing).

This week was another week of guiltily gorgeous weather, with temps bouncing around the low 20s and mild humidity.

Soaking up some rays, while waiting for my flat white at a local cafe on Friday. Wearing:
Merino Cardi - Simplicity 2603
Now the humidity around here is in the manageable area,  the Misty pants have been on high rotation. So comfortable!
The yellow cardi doesn't get many outings, but it should get more. I always feel happy wearing it, and the colour gets  positive comments.

Classic tourist shot in front of the Sydney Opera House on Saturday. My daughter and I went to see The Australian Ballet's Symphony in C.
Pants - Style Arc Beth (unblogged)

The one-item-per-day bit of Me Made May isn't much of a challenge to be honest. Two-items-per-day would also be a bit of a no-brainer. It is only when I get to full outfits, that I have to apply some thought. Generally, because I rely on RTW items to make certain me-made-items work, or I lack the right shoes (type, colour) for different combinations of Me Made items. But, I am managing.


  1. You are so lucky with your beautiful weather and amazing backdrops Paola. I love the yellow top especially, and the orange.

    nteresting to want to do a whole outfit. I actually prefer to put in a bit of RTW to keep it more interesting and also I don't make many T shirts but I do wear them a lot.

  2. Looking very stylish Paola. Yellow and orange are both great colours on you.


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