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MBM - Style Arc Avery

The Avery Tunic Top was one of Style Arc’s freebie patterns for May. I thought it was quite a nice pattern, and would probably get made at some stage, sometime, someway, but not straight away, when I chose it. Anyway, between placing my order, and the pattern plunking into my letterbox, I had given myself a bit of a talking-to about cracking on with sewing fabrics from the stash, inspired by the Stashbusting Sewalong Facebook group, and the process of Kondo-ising my wardrobe. My thinking being why have fabrics that “spark joy” to use Ms Kondo’s term, when it would be a whole lot better if they were garments that did the same thing. It didn’t take me long to identify fabric and zipper in the stash that I thought would work for the Avery, and because I’d made a few bread-and-butter basics recently, I thought it was time for a bit of a statement make. So Avery rocketed to Number 1 in the queue. The fabrics are both from Tessuti. Avery is designed for a combination  of knit and woven fa…

Kondo-ising the wardrobe - what hasn't worked and why

It seems that half the Western World is Kondo-ising their life, or wardrobes at least, and I've been no exception.
If you aren't familiar with the work of Marie Kondo, her basic philosophy is that we should only keep things, whatever they may be, that "spark joy".
With this in mind, recently I had a clothing sort through.  These are candidates for elimination  that  have featured on the blog. At the time of making, I expected a bit of joy sparking, otherwise why bother? Over time in the wardrobe, though, they have proved to "spark meh"instead. Here's why:

First cab off the rank is my first version of Colette Peony. My post on this dress is my most viewed post to date, so it is slightly ironic this  dress has gone. I wore it twice, and never felt quite right in it. Part of it was the fit of the bodice, which I addressed somewhat successfully in a subsequent version. Part of it was the cummerbund, which I didn't warm to - I was always rearranging it. …