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MBM - Style Arc Talia Woven Pant

Hello again! Things have slowed down somewhat in the sewing room lately, due to the ridiculously hot run of weeks we’ve had this summer. Hot weather always hampers my sewing somewhat. I sew in a loft built into the roof of our house. It is not adequately insulated, so on hot days in summer, it gets really hot, to the extent it is impossible to last up there for longer than say, 10 minutes, before running up the white flag and retreating downstairs. So in summer I generally do my sewing in the early morning. But this summer, we’ve had hot days combined with hot nights, and my sewing room could have easily doubled as a sauna day in-day out, so sewing has been impossible. (I could bring my sewing gear downstairs, but I don’t really have a great place to do this at the moment. The most likely spot, the dining room, has terrible light, so I would just rather not bother). I’m not a hot weather person. I was talking to someone recently who was telling me that hot weather energised her. It’s…

MBM - Liesl + Co Gallery Tunic, Version 2

My first Liesl + Co Gallery Tunic proved to be a bit of a hit, so it wasn’t long before I was planning another. And here it is…
The fabric is Liberty Tana Lawn in The Atrium Pink. From a distance the design looks like an abstract floral, but up close it is covered in 20s flappers, apparently in the atrium of Liberty’s London store.
The pink colour choice is not  usual for me – I have no other pink in my wardrobe. I'm just not a pink girl. However, I really needed a pink item, as I was invited by a friend to go to the Members stand on the third day of the cricket Test between Australia and Pakistan. The Sydney Test has become known recently as the pink Test in support of the Jane McGrath Foundation, a breast cancer support charity. And the third day of the Test is when everyone (women and men ) is encouraged to wear pink, so I really needed a pink item to “get with the program”. This version was as straightforward a sew as the first version. I made no fit changes whatsoever. The …