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MBM - Another go at Tessuti Frankie

After the first version of Tessuti Frankie, I looked to make another quickly, to see if I could address the issues the first version had. That is, the high front neckline, and the narrow shoulders. Here is the result:

There is a big improvement in the comfort factor with this version. To address the neckline issue,  I lowered the centre front neckline by 1.5cm and blended. To lengthen the shoulder seams, I slashed from the midpoint on the shoulder seam over to the armhole, leaving a hinge, and added 2cm in length.

I experimented with fusible web to support the twin-stitched hems on both my Frankies. On the thick cotton jersey of the first version, this worked fine. On this version, the web was a bit too stiff. So for the sleeve hems I just blind stitched, which I’ve decided is now my preferred knit hem option. It’s easy to do, you don’t have to muck around with ironing on the webbing, and it stands up to wear.
The other improvement was to use a knit with a bit of drape to it. This is…

MBM - Tessuti Frankie

The Tessuti Frankie pattern has been high in the queue, pretty much since it was released last year. It’s taken me a while to get to the point of posting a result though.  The first attempt failed, because I mistook a PDF joining line for centre back, and cut the back about 5cm too narrow. When I took the piece to the sewing machine, it was immediately obvious it was too narrow, but it took me ages to figure out why. There’s was no going back from that one, especially I had no fabric to cut another back. I'm blaming my husband. He printed the pattern off for me at work, but because of some printing kerfuffle, the print came to me out of order. So I was confused (or more confused than normal :))  So this is the second attempt.
The fabric is quite a thick cotton jersey from Spotlight that I picked up on a 40% off sale. The jersey is probably a bit too thick for this pattern, but I liked the print so I went with it.
The Frankie comes in three dress lengths, and four sleeve lengths.…