MBM - Tessuti Berlin jacket

Here is my Winter Blah Averting Jacket, Tessuti Berlin in a mustard yellow.

The coating was purchased in early April at Pitt Trading, with a Style Arc Mickie cape in mind. I needed 1.5m for the cape and zippety-doo-dah, there was 1.5m left on the roll. But when I brought the fabric home, I had second thoughts about making it into a cape. The cape needs drape, as it were, so this coating was designated as unsuitable for the intended pattern. But what to do with 1.5m of coating, pray tell, when most coats would need far more fabric.

Fortunately, around this time two blog posts brought Tessuti Berlin to my attention – one on the Tessuti blog, and Siobhan’s make here. And guess what? Berlin needs 1.5m of non-fraying wool. My fabric was non-fraying. Yay. We have sewing plan lift-off.
Non-fraying fabric is non-negotiable here. The edges are raw all over. The seam allowances are overlapped and stitched up the middle, which makes this a really quick, easy sew. And when you come to think of it, not a million miles away from the summer kimono I showed in the last blog post.

I had another inexplicable episode of screwing up the centre back placement, but fortunately it was fixable. The fix involved making a centre back seam, which I quite like anyhow, so no big problem there in the end.
There is not a lot to say about making this jacket. Tessuti does good instructions – just follow them, and she'll be right!

I love the yellow. An antidote to the inevitable sea of black, black, grey, black you tend to get in public spaces in wintertime.

Shown with well-worn Anita Ponti Pants, and Sewaholic Granville shirt which was bunching most unattractively under this jacket.


  1. I just love the colour of your jacket! It suits you well and you're right, it's perfect for averting the winter blahs. Thanks for the mention!

  2. I've noticed lots of Berlin Jackets popping up on social media. Yours is a lovely bright colour for winter and will look great worn with lots of other colours too. I like the addition of the centre back seam as it breaks up what would be a wide expanse of plain fabric and adds a bit of interest, even if it wasn't intentional. Great jacket!

    1. Yes, I tend to think that my mistake was a bit of a happy accident.

  3. Gorgeous! Love the yellow.

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