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A Tale of Two Jean Jackets, Part I - Style Arc Stevie

The one sewing goal I set for myself for 2017 was to make the Style Arc Stacie jean jacket, a pattern that has been on the sewing queue for ages. However.  I have a teenage daughter, who has been wanting for a denim jacket just like the Style Arc Stevie for a while. And because I already have a RTW denim jacket, albeit a borderline vintage jacket - well, how does a mother refuse? ( Full disclosure time -  This is where I acknowledge that as we wear the same size in Style Arc, it is quite likely that I may have to borrow this jacket from time to time. :)) The first step I took to make this jacket was to borrow my mother’s sewing machine. This jacket has miles of topstitching, and the second machine was a sanity saver. The fabric is an Ermenegildo Zegna  stretch denim  purchased quite a while ago from Tessuti. Kudos to me for buying 5 metres of it, because I have enough left over from this project to make the Stacie Jacket for myself. It turned out to be a great denim for